Your Guide To Breastfeeding Confidently

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Your Guide To Breastfeeding Confidently


This is your guide to breastfeeding confidently - we know that 80% of women who stop breastfeeding at 6 weeks in the UK state that they would have liked to have continued for longer, and lack of support is one of the reasons that brought their journey to an end. Being a breastfeeding mother myself, I know how hard it can be - from establishing finding the confidence to breastfeed in public - it often isn’t plain sailing - which is why I am so passionate about helping mamas like you! I have put together all of the info, tips, and tricks that I know would have helped me when I was expecting my baby, or when I was starting out breastfeeding. I have made it super clear, straight to the point, and with fun graphics - to make it as helpful and useful as possible.

What’s included in your guide:

- “Breastfeeding Basics Support Sheet” written by trained breastfeeding peer supporter, and post natal doula Grace - owner of Grace and Motherhood - includes tips on establishing breastfeeding, feeding cues, and when and where to gain further support.

- Positive affirmations to help keep you positive on those more challenging days - starting out with an “I can do this” mindset can go along way to increasing confidence

- Lots of useful links to the best resources for breastfeeding mamas - no more frantic 2am google searches!

- Self care tips especially for breastfeeding mamas

- An honest and straight talking perspective on all of the things to expect along your breastfeeding journey & how you can achieve breastfeeding confidence.

* For every guide bought we will donate £1 to the PANDAS Foundation - an amazing charity that support to people coping with pre and post natal mental illness.

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