Sustainability is something that I am super passionate about, I believe it’s not about being perfect but about lots of us making small changes, this is why I will continuously work to make Sienna Apparel more sustainable.     


GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

This is also the reason the entire collection is made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and is dyed with certified OEKO-TEX dyes – which are non-toxic, & kind to your skin (and babys!) - as well as kinder to the environment.



Offsetting Carbon Emissions 

We are committed to planting trees once a year in local UK woodland to help offset the CO2 emissions involved in running our small business, and offset 10 tonnes of emissons last year. 



Zero Plastic Packagaing 

Each order is wrapped in tissue paper made from recycled paper, and sent out in a (super gorgeous!) zero-plastic, compostable mailer. Even the thank you card in with your order is printed on recycled paper!


Ethically Made

All of our garments are made ethically by the same small manufacturer in India. Sadly, due to COVID-19 I have not been able to visit this manufacturer as I did our last one (who didnt have to capacity to make this collection), but it is something I intend on doing as soon as is safe. In the mean time I have spent a lot of time discussing their practises, to ensure they are ethical, with garment workers being paid a living wage, and with no forced over time, or forced work. Which I am happy to say is the case!

Garment workers work from 8.30am - 5.30pm, with 3 breaks in each day (morning tea break, lunch break, afternoon tea break), are paid living wages, and are home stayed (meaning they don't living in boarding houses.) 

New measures have recently been put in place to keep workers safe due to COVID-19, such as social distancing between machines, complulsory face masks, extra hygiene measures, and health checks before each shift.