Our Story


Hey mama! 

Sienna Apparel is the breastfeeding brand for modern mamas who want to feel good and breastfeed without the faff. 

Founded by me (Lianne) in 2018, after I realised on maternity leave that breastfeeding would be so much easier if my clothes came with nip zips! So many of my mama friends agreed that they couldn’t find feeding clothes that made feeding faff free either, so I made it my mission to create the clothes that I really needed!

I got my sewing machine out and used nap times to start experimenting - sewing zips in different places, & in different ways on to the chest of charity shop jumpers, testing them out as I went along whilst I breastfed my daughter.  I must have created at least 10 different designs until I managed to find one that I was happy was both super stylish, and super easy to feed in.

Once I’d created the zip design with the perfect combination of the two, I decided that I had to make these for other mamas too! I worked with a local machinist and garment technologist at first to get the prototype just right, and then I got started with designing my first collection of t-shirts, jumpsuits & sweatshirts. Once I’d finished designing the collection I started the long process of finding the right manufacturer, and just over a year later, we launched, at the end of 2019. 

Since then I’m delighted to say that Sienna Apparel has had hundreds of happy customers, won two awards, and been featured in Mother & Baby, and more recently, Juno Magazine. 

Moving forward, as I go on to release new colourways and expand our lines, my goal is to dress even more breastfeeding mamas, and keep creating the clothes you need to feel great in, and feed easily in on your breastfeeding journey -  and I hope you will be one of them!