Babywearing & Breastfeeding Tips With Bon + Bear

As part of us celebrating World Breastfeeding Week at Sienna Apparel, we have teamed up with MJ, the lovely founder of Bon + Bear, to talk all things babywearing and breastfeeding.

MJ, mother to one, created Bon + Bear to help mamas feel supported wherever (and however she chooses to nurse), because she believes comforting your baby shouldn’t with the compromise of losing your confidence!      

The idea for the popular ‘Maine Wrap’ came when MJ was going through a particularly tough point on her breastfeeding journey, and she thought “no more tears, I need to help other mamas so that no one else feels like this’. MJ has found through research that babywearing was proven to ease symptoms of colic, and even increase the length of time a mama breastfeeds for – doing all of these things seamlessly is how to 3 in 1 Maine wrap was born.

Here MJ, founder of Bon + Bear chats to us about breastfeeding and babywearing, answering the questions that come up most often for new mamas.

1. What are your top tips for breastfeeding with baby in the wrap?

First of all, make sure to have a drink/snacks for you and either a book or a good Netflix series ready; you never know how long your feeds will be! 
Secondly, and most importantly, always feed sitting down and in a supportive position for you and baby. Our wraps are designed to help support you both that little bit more - we would always suggest to do this seated - but if you prefer to walk and feed baby, then always do this with the full support of your arm under baby’s body & head.

2. What else can wraps be useful for?   

Wraps like ours can be used for Skin- To -Skin, Babywearing and Nursing - making it seamless from one to the other. I have also had mamas use theirs for blankets in summer as they are so soft!

3. How can babywearing help me in the 4th trimester?

Babywearing is so important in the 4th trimester, for your sanity and for baby on settling into their new environment and your new normal too. Keeping them close regulates their temperature & breathing, promotes bonding which in turn help to reduce post part depression. It calms symptoms of Colic, Reflux, CMPA and even reduces infant crying by 43%! Not to mention, by babywearing for even just 3 hours a day, it increases your breastfeeding duration and likelihood to reach that 6 month recommended milestone. 

4. I want my partner to bond with the baby, can they wear carry them in the wraps too? 

Yes, for sure! This is a new thing amongst modern day fathers who want to be more involved/support their partner and carry their babies in this natural ‘kangaroo care’ way. Our wraps are fully adjustable to suit every body type, making it a personal, custom fit for Mama & Dada.

5. How can I make sure my baby is safe in the wrap?

The best advice we will always give is to ensure you have followed the wrap instructions closely, and always tie snugly to you. If you were to look in the mirror and think ‘How would baby fit in that?’ then you have done it right, always start off tight as the wrap will adapt with you and baby. 

Always try to keep the straps as flat to your body as possible, with a ‘x’ shape across your back and a double tied knot to finish. Lastly, please always check that baby is sitting in a ‘M’ frog leg position, so that their knees are higher than their bum so that their back and hips are supported.

For more advice, please consult your local sling library or our FAQ’s section on our website for helpful links.


Learn more about babywearing, and see the rest of Bon+Bear's gorgeous products at, or check them out on Instagram



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