About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Sienna Apparel is to make breastfeeding mamas feel confident, fabulous, and comfortable - whether you are having coffee with friends, a soft play date, or even building a den in the living room with your little ones! We also want you to be able to breastfeed easily, without faff, whenever, and wherever you or baby likes - and we know that in those newborn days especially, this often means ‘all of the time’ and ‘everywhere’!

Our Inspiration

The label was created by myself, a mama to 1 beautiful and cheeky toddler (Sienna!..). The inspiration for the brand came after the birth of my daughter, I felt like I had lost my own personal sense of style a little bit and it took so long to choose something to wear each morning that was breastfeeding friendly! So I decided that us breastfeeding mamas deserve more - to have more choice, and to be able to breastfeed comfortably and confidently, and look & feel good whilst doing it!

Our Community

Since having my daughter I have become a bit of a breastfeeding cheerleader - I think every single one of you ladies is absolutely fabulous and doing the most amazing job, and sometimes you need a little reminder of that! This was the motivation behind starting our super friendly and positive Facebook Community Group - to share breastfeeding stories, cheer each other on when needed, and be that supportive community that not everyone is always lucky to have around them, and even for those lucky ones who do - I know you can never have too much support as a breastfeeding mama!

Coming Soon…

Our brand new, ethical, stylish and comfy nursing wear collection is coming soon!

Currently being sampled, our gorgeous new pieces (including an even more fabulous, not to mention comfier sweatshirt - improved by important feedback from you gorgeous mamas) will be launching over the Summer - with the exception of our sweatshirts which will be landing in September. Follow us on Facebook & Insta for behind the scenes, and join our mailing list to be the first to find out when we launch!