With Confidence Mama!


Organic - Super Soft - Quick & Easy Breastfeeding Access - Printed In the UK - Designed By a Breastfeeding Mama


The Sienna Apparel Nursing Sweatshirt


Designed for you fabulous breastfeeding mamas, by a fellow breastfeeding mama to 1. The Sienna Apparel nursing sweatshirt will allow you to breastfeed confidently & comfortably, without having to sacrifice your personal sense of style.

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We want you to feel happy & confident when breastfeeding in public, thats why our nursing sweatshirts are designed to be comfy and stylish - as well as to allow for quick and easy breastfeeding access. Whether you are running around after a toddler, or non stop feeding a newborn (or both!) - We’ve got you Mama!


Breastfeed comfortably and confidently - wherever, and whenever!